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How do I book an appointment?

You can phone or send a Whatsapp. If we are busy, we will respond and call back within 24 hours.

Do I need a referral letter from my doctor?

No, Physiotherapists are first line practitioners and you don’t need a referral from a doctor to see us. If you want us to apply for a PMB then we will need a referral letter from your specialist.

Do you claim from the medical aid?
  • We are a cash practice but we charge medical aid rates. This means that you will have to pay for your treatment at the practice with cash or card, and then submit your statement to your medical aid. Because we charge medical aid rates, they should refund you in full from your day to day benefits.
  • If you have sufficient day to day funds still available, we can arrange to claim from your medical aid directly. However, the first treatment session will still need to be paid cash/card at the practice. If your day to day savings become depleted, you will remain responsible for the outstanding amount.
How long is a session?
  • The first session includes a full evaluation and will last at least 1 Hour.
  • Sessions for Respiratory conditions usually last 30 – 45 Min.
  • Follow-up sessions will be determined by the condition and treatment needed.
What should I wear and bring along?
  • You will be required to do several movements during evaluation and treatment, and also to expose certain parts of the body for more accurate diagnoses. We advise that you wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes.
  • Lymphoedema patients should wear sleeveless shirts (swollen arm) and wide trousers or skirts (swollen leg/s) to allow for bandaging of the limb.
  • Also wear sandals or shoes that can expand to allow a bandaged foot to fit.
  • Bring along any doctor’s reports, letters, X-rays or scans relevant to the condition being treated.
What is a PMB and how does it work?

The Council of Medical Schemes (CMS) defines Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) as follows:

Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) is a set of defined benefits to ensure that all medical scheme members have access to certain minimum health services, regardless of the benefit option they have selected. The aim is to provide people with continuous care to improve their health and well-being and to make healthcare more affordable.

PMBs are a feature of the Medical Schemes Act, in terms of which medical schemes have to cover the costs related to the diagnosis, treatment and care of:

  • any emergency medical condition;
  • a limited set of 270 medical conditions (defined in the Diagnosis Treatment Pairs);
  • and- 25 chronic conditions (defined in the Chronic Disease List).

Post-mastectomy lymphedema Syndrome was listed by the CMS as a PMB condition, along with breast cancer. For patients living with this condition we can assist in applying for PMB cover from your medical aid for the physiotherapy treatment.

We ask a once-off admin fee to complete all the forms and reports and will submit the documents to your medical aid. You must provide a letter from your Oncologist, reffering you for Physiotherapy for treatment of Lymphoedema, as part of the application. Once the documents have been submitted, it becomes your responsibility to follow up with your medical aid until authorisation is given.

What is my role in my treatment and recovery?

Rehabilitation consists of goal-orientated treatment. Together, you and your physiotherapist will create a set of treatment goals. By following the advise and exercises given during your treatment session, you will help to facilitate your own recovery and help decrease the incidence of recurring injury and pain.

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