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Emrie van Tonder is a qualified Physiotherapist.

She graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (B. PhysT) and completed her community service at Tembisa Hospital in 2010. She then worked at different physiotherapy practices gaining experience in several fields, exploring the vast scope of the profession, ranging from Equine Physiotherapy to Orthopaedics and Geriatrics.

In 2015 she was introduced to Lymphoedema and found her passion. She worked for 4 years, gaining experience through courses and in-house training. In 2019 she completed her internationally recognised certification with Lymph Education Africa (LEA) and was registered with the Lymph Association of South Africa (LAOSA).

With her passion for all scopes of Physiotherapy driving her and seeing the need for education about Lymphoedema, and its treatment, in the public as well as the medical field, she decided to open her own practice and set out on the quest of helping people struggling with pain and disability through rehabilitation and conservative treatment.

Emrie van Tonder Physiotherapy