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Use your Virus Vision!

After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a major

Along with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic there seems to also be an outbreak of misconceptions and confusing advice circulating through the realms of communication.

Wear a mask…but don’t wear a mask!

Wear gloves…but they don’t work!

The virus is airborne…the virus isn’t!

It’s like the flu, don’t stress…it’s nothing like the flu!

It’s no wonder that there is an overwhelming amount of fear and confusion streaming around the world. This has been joined by mounting levels of frustration coming from healthcare professionals around the world, seen in posts throughout multiple social platforms.

The truth is…no one has all the answers…not yet at least!

This viral mutation is new to us all, because it is exactly that, a MUTATION. It has never been seen before in its current form, there has never been an opportunity to do research on it or attempt to create vaccines and medication for it in a lab.

The answers we are getting are conflicting, because we are living in real-time with the research. Everyday new test results are received and new statistics flow in, some of which contradict those of yesterday.

The only thing we know for certain is that we need to try and stop the spread of the virus, only through this method can we attempt to #Flattenthecurve and prevent more people from getting ill and dying.

The reason why so many healthcare professionals are venting on social media platforms is because we have the training to know how to prevent the spread of any virus or bacteria or fungus. We have been taught how to sterilise, how to prevent cross-contamination, how to isolate. But we see so many others getting it wrong and as a result, without even realising it, making everything worse.

There is nobody to blame for this, others have not had the training for this, yet frustration mounts.

So I urge everybody who is not medically trained, to approach it like this…


I want you to imagine little specs of dust, or paint or even glitter dust if that works for you, on everything, everywhere. This is the virus. See it, imagine it, believe it!

Now consider everything as “infected” until you YOURSELF has disinfected and cleaned it. Then and ONLY then, can you accept it as safe.

If no one in your family is sick, then you can consider your house a “safe zone”, couple this with regular and proper cleaning of floors and surfaces (as you would clean your house in any other case) and your home can remain safe. If you use your VIRUS VISION you won’t see anything in your house.

Now, everytime something or someone from outside enters your house, use your VIRUS VISION and see them covered in virus. Before they are allowed to enter your nice, clean and safe home, they have to be cleaned properly.

Example: If your husband/wife or you yourself, go to the shops, consider yourself and your groceries contaminated.

Wearing a mask is not compulsory in all countries, but it’s not a bad idea either.

Yes, in theory only sick people should wear a mask to prevent droplets from spreading when they cough or sneeze, but what if that person behind you is infected but not yet symptomatic? No reason for them to wear a mask right? Yet when they now cough or sneeze, BOOM! the virus has spread!! And nobody is the wiser. If however you wore a mask yourself, you might prevent 20%…30%…even 50% of the risk of getting sick.

Now please, I beg you!

Don’t buy and use up all the medical grade masks, please leave these for the warrior on the frontlines who REALLY need it!

But if you wear even a homemade cloth mask, is that 20% less chance of getting sick not worth it? No it won’t stop the virus 100% but coupled with social distancing your chances of getting infected dramatically decreases. The healthcare professionals working with the really sick people are not afforded the luxury of social distancing, so PLEASE do your part for them! Just make sure when you take your mask off, to NEVER touch the front!! Your VIRUS VISION should have the front of the mask light up like a glow-worm’s bum! And wash it straight away!! Don’t re-use if you are able to wash your cloth mask. Unfortunately medical masks were designed and created for single use purposes. You cannot really clean them and in trying to do so, you deteriorate their integrity and they essentially become useless.

Now, gloves….o the gloves!

There is a serious misconception amongst the general public it seems, that wearing gloves makes you safe and immune from coming into contact with the virus. The problem is not so much in the wearing of the gloves, but in a little thing we call CROSS-CONTAMINATION.

The reality is that the virus sticks to gloves like metal to a magnet, BUT it’s also drawn to everything else like a magnet.

So if you wear gloves in the shop, please use your VIRUS VISION!

Everything you touch with your gloves now also has the virus on it, your cell phone, car keys, door handle, hair…even your hand sanitiser bottle!

Quick question…how many people regularly disinfect their hand sanitiser bottles? Spoiler alert! If you pick up the hand sanitiser to squeeze or spray it into your hands, you just infected the bottle with the pre-sanitised hand!!

In my own opinion, there is no real point in the general public wearing gloves. The false sense of security created by it, only results in more cross-contamination. And by regularly spraying disinfectant on your gloves, their integrity decreases and the virus can get through onto your hands…which you didn’t wash because you wore gloves right?

There’s a very nice demonstration of this by a … slightly frustrated… healthcare professional. Check it out on my FB page (watch video).

Now the groceries.

It might feel like overkill to have to clean every single item you just bought at the store, but switch on your VIRUS VISION and you should see everything light up like Las Vegas…pre-pandemic at least. The risk is that someone else who is infected but not showing symptoms might have touched something before you bought it, or even during the process of buying it. There have been several stores having to close their doors because staff members became ill. Maybe they packed the shelf, or ran your box of cereal across the scanner, or even conveniently packed it in your bag for you?

Sure, they all wore gloves, but what proof do you have that not a single one of them developed and satisfied an itch on their nose, cheek or even their heads somewhere during that day?

So, before replacing your card in your wallet…. sanitise!

Before unlocking your car…sanitise!

After loading the groceries into the car…sanitise!

Before you carry your groceries into your SAFE and clean home…sanitise them in the garage and leave the dirty boxes/bags in the dustbin!

Check out this video posted by a Dr demonstrating just how to do this (watch here).

And ALWAYS remember to wash your hands again…and again…and again with good old soap and water, 20 seconds of glorious foamy cleanliness!





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